Car Care Center in Chicago, IL

For 27 years Bob & Son Car Care Center has been serving citizens of Bridgeport area with high quality mechanical services; obtaining an impeccable reputation and many satisfied customers!

We're proud to have generations of repeat customers and referrals and we are certified, registered, licensed and insured to service all of your automotive needs! From engine repair to tires and brakes, we've got you covered.

Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority on every project. We pride ourselves for providing reliable and thorough repairs for a reasonable price – we value your business. We are dedicated to providing you with the right solutions for all your automotive needs.

At Bob & Son Car Care Center, we retain our talented staff by supporting a much desired work-life balance. We care about our employees as well as our customers!

Read what some satisfied customers are saying about Bob & Son Car Care Center.
Gabbie S. 09/11/2011 – Highly recommend. They are friendly, reasonably priced and quick, efficient service. Being a single female, I find it hard to find an auto shop where I feel comfortable. I trust Bob and his mechanics. They are thorough and friendly
Melanie V. 08/1/1011 – My car was randomly dying on busy streets and in the blazing sun. All-in-all, it was not an ideal situation. Turns out that the connection from my battery was loose, causing the battery not to charge properly. (Or something like that.) Anyway, I busted into Bob and Son one day during lunch...and gave the people the lowdown. The nice man examined the problem and told me that he'd have to construct his own part. I was thinking that this was going to set me back $100+, but he actually only quoted me like $55 bucks. Wheee!

I left the car there and they called me within 2 hours to let me know that everything was finished. My car hasn't been dying at all since then (*fingers crossed*), so I'm so grateful for the quick turnaround time. Everyone here is always super helpful and friendly...and you get the vibe that they are just being truthful all the time. Bridgeport win!